Tax Preparation Services

Accurate tax processing and tax preparation services require in-depth knowledge of the various tax laws to mitigate risks involved in implementing different tax procedures. Pani KPO ® gives you the expertise needed to ensure maximum tax savings and incentives that can be legally possible. Pani KPO’s tax accounting services are fast, affordable and highly secure. Our specialized accounting team helps maximize efficiency and profits, while minimizing operational costs.

We offer exclusive tax return preparation services to CPAs, small and large businesses and accounting firms. Outsource tax preparation to Pani KPO ® to ensure best practices in tax processing through proper audits and reviews.
Our tax processing services include:

  • Tax validation
  • Liability calculation
  • Returns preparation
  • Form and certificate management

Pani KPO ® Provides an Industry Best Turn Around Time on Tax Preparation

We have stringent quality assurance protocols in place to assure superlative business tax preparation services. Pani KPO ® is also capable of providing immediate tax services, for situations with impending deadlines. Outsourcing tax preparation to Pani KPO ® allows you to concentrate on your core production-related and revenue-generating business processes, while our team handles the complexities of tax processing.

Our comprehensive financial tax services include the processing of:

  • Form 1040 (individuals, sole proprietorship)
  • Form 1120, 1120A (Corporations and companies)
  • Form 1120S (S Corporations)
  • Form 1065 (Partnerships

We also offer exclusive tax accounting service for federal and state tax returns like Fiduciary Income Taxes, Non-Profit Corporation Taxes, Heavy Equipment Use Taxes, Intangible Taxes, Tangible Taxes, Charter/Franchise Taxes and many others. As one of the leading tax preparation companies, Pani KPO ® is well equipped with the latest professional tax software, viz. ATX, Intuit’s ProSeries, Creative Solutions’ Ultra-Tax and Drake, to give you quick and efficient tax preparation.

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